Why the buzz around DataTech

I was curious as to what made DataTech Recruitment so different to other agencies out there…

In an interview with Therese Otten, owner of DataTech Recruitment – We talked about recognizing talent for clients over the years and helping candidates find the right fit. 

She shared the following with me –“A good recruiter will screen a CV and look for the most relevant experience, but an exceptional one, reads between the lines too.

The IT guy that managed the infrastructure at our offices in Woodstock, asked if he could refer his friends’ CV to me. I had a look at the CV and what caught my eye was that he had apps on the app store. I contacted him and spoke to him; he was a first-line support technician but wanted to become a mobile developer. He could showcase these apps to the client, which is more than some experienced developers could show. In the chat we had, what stood out for me was his astounding passion for mobile development. 

One of my clients immediately came to mind. I discussed this candidate with that specific client – who was looking for a mobile developer. Although he preferred someone with experience, I asked him to meet with the candidate for just 10 minutes as I felt it won’t be a waste of his time if he did not like him. The client agreed to a meeting.

It is nice to have clients that are sometimes open to looking at a candidate that does not fit the profile 100% but has the passion and some experience that the client is looking for – Giving them an opportunity.”

That made me realise, this was a sure sign of not only skill on the side of Therese, but the trust her clients have in her ability to see beyond just the spec. Knowing what triggered the client as well as the candidate should they be brought together.

It was not just a client and just a candidate; she saw the magic that would happen if she brought them together.

“Well, the client loved him as a junior developer, and within 3 years the candidate became the Development Manager of the company; the all-round go-to guy for all the developers, not just mobile.”

Therese turned what could be a technically disqualified candidate in some recruiters and clients’ eyes, into a strong contender for a role that some might struggle to fill.

At DataTech, Therese always gives the “outsider” a chance.

As someone who grew up with adversity, Therese knows that those who flourish in the darkest of spaces are empowered with the grit to persist in an ever-changing workplace: “Choose the underestimated contender, whose secret weapons are passion and purpose” she says, “Let’s hire the underdog”.

To me it became clear – Throughout her 15-year recruitment  career and before that 6 years in IT -working in talent acquisition, succession planning, talent coaching, project administration – Therese has seen how, given the opportunity, people with passion and purpose will astound you. Today, she is the owner of DataTech, supporting IT, medical, financial, digital, and hospitality recruitment   where she makes human connections with clients and employees immersed throughout.

After years managing recruitment processes, Therese has managed to fully tap into that passion she has for recruitment and people.

The main message to keep in mind is the following: when you are in a position of hiring, do not underestimate unconventional candidates and bet on their secret weapons which are passion and purpose.

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