The downside of counteroffers

The Downside of Counteroffers 😮

Managers can retain talented staff by providing ongoing education and clear paths to advancement. Promoting from within helps employees feel valued and part of the company’s success.

Accepting counteroffers is not in the interest of the employee at all – well 99% of the time. There is a reason why you are looking for other work, stick to your guns! I’ve seen too many people accepting counteroffers, just to contact me again within 3 – 6 months to say they’ve made a mistake. Promises were made and not kept.

Just 1 more thing! Don’t use Recruiters to get you an offer in order to get more money from your current employer.
➡️Firstly, you are wasting so many people’s time.
➡️Secondly, the company making you an offer is really interested in you joining their team.
➡️Thirdly, why do that if your company is not valuing you in any case? Why do you have to prove to them that you can find other employment with better salary offer? Think about that for a moment….

If your company values you, they will put you on a growth path and ensure your happiness. If they don’t, there are so many other companies that will do that.

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Written by Therese Otten, Owner of DataTech Recruitment

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