Business Continuity

Given the current volatile economic climate, even the most established businesses are looking to steady their feet firmly on the ground.

Let’s face it. Social distancing is our new norm, and to be socially responsible is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity (just like those toilet rolls). 

Whilst some (like me) are used to this way of working, for individuals based in a physical office, this might be a new challenge.

Employment businesses keep us as recruiters in work, as well as you as business – as client.

During this time of lock-down, we need clients with determined businesses to rise above the external threats, to keep driving the economy forward turning these challenges into opportunities.

DataTech is here to assist clients to understand the impact they can make on crucial business priorities, even when they’re not in the same location as their colleagues, so they can continue to deliver game-changing business outcomes while working remotely.

We will work with the client to formulate tangible action plans that will deliver the business outcomes necessary to prosper in an uncertain environment, using their new understanding of how they can best make an impact while working remotely.

Your team can collectively facilitate great business outcomes while working remotely. Reduced risks through increased productivity, collaboration and business impact.

At DataTech, that is the quality of service we offer our clients…. geographical and skills sourcing expertise.

We have different strategic conversations with clients and assist in transition/building to a new work culture.

There are many resourceful people, that are self-reliant and, who realize the urgency required by various companies to get things done. Times have changed in terms of remote working. Candidates know that if they want to earn, they need to put in their time. Now more than ever, challenging times for clients, companies, and candidates.

We have to cultivate a form of trust in our resources, whether it be people or business methods.

We acknowledge the client’s challenge to appoint a new person, they need to get to know the system. Sit at the office and learn these systems. Hence, the client feels all positions that need to be filled, should be placed on hold during the lockdown.

People resigned and it left gaps. No new appointments. Workload moved to others. More pressure on current people. The responsibility now falls on someone else to do extra and is not necessarily getting extra pay for it. As a client, you need to be aware of the fact that your people are also looking. What does it say about your business if you put recruiting on hold?

As a client, there is a need to  adapt your business model to allow remote work and a level of trust  for the new work culture: Social distance and remote work. At Datatech we are resourceful. We help you as the client to start planning actively now already. Where will there be shortfalls after these 3 weeks of lock-down? What can I, as a client, as a business, do now already to ensure that the business flow is not interrupted? Have plan B in place for contingency.

From the outset of this process we ensure, through discussion with you, that the questions raised throughout the process are the right ones. The detailed design will be tailored to the exact needs of your team and business.

As client, you have more time to review a new solution than you did before going remote. Will it be business as usual after the lock-down period, or will the “not taking action” be a millstone  around your neck?

Recruiters are depending on clients recruiting.

You have time now, as a client. You can do initial zoom or skype interviews. You can do face to face when lock-down is lifted, or zoom, skype, google hangouts instead. You can use software like Microsoft Teams for that system training. There are many online tests available to test skills if you do not have your own.

Be the enthusiastic professionals that are turning a very tough situation into an opportunity to help others and build momentum!

The lock-down doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. It means it’s time to prepare!

A structure needs to be put into place now to prepare for when the lock-down ends. DataTech can assist you, as the client, to work out the systems and processes you need to put into place as you ease your way into remote work.

One of the benefits of technology is that it can help keep your team connected, even when they aren’t in the same physical location.

Tools like Zoom and Slack don’t replace face-to-face communication, but they can help you develop a structure for staying engaged even as you work from home.

You hired this team for a reason, and now it’s time to empower them to succeed.And it’s hitting people hard where they spend a huge chunk of their time: at work.

We know companies are faced with balancing the health and safety of their employees with the need to keep the lights on.

There are no rulebooks for this kind of stuff. This is really a new and evolving situation in which you, as client, need a business continuity plan.  Now might be a great time to create one.

I think everybody certainly hopes there’s a speedy resolution to it, and I think everybody would like to get back to business as usual. The question is: how long it will be until that happens?

Now is the time for our industry to come together to make sure, as recruitment agencies, that we  prioritize the issues that matter the most to you, your staff, your candidates, and your clients. It’s a time to protect jobs, to protect your business.

At DataTech we work in constructive partnership with the clients and candidates during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Businesses will have a unique recipe for mitigating risk and succeeding even in uncertain times. What is your secret recipe for success? Don’t have one yet? Then you’re in the right place. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today, or tomorrow, as the world around us and the future ahead is incalculable. See the bigger picture and regain focus. Hone your business and people strategy. Propel your organization forward.

Shift your mindset from income to asset.

From workforce skills transformation and ways to increase productivity, to technological advances and new approaches to candidate attraction, employers can count on the recruiters at DataTech for guidance on ways to overcome challenges and grow their business. Offering advice on workforce planning to clients, determining the cost of a bad hire to identifying workforce challenges.

Use this time now to interview and test candidates. It is the ideal time now to go through these processes.

Good recruiters help organisations to acquire the talent they need, in order to perform and grow. It provides great candidate experiences and helps ensure that the South African  workforce is used to its full potential.

****Find people who work quickly but safely. In the current situation, we need compliant and safe alternatives to face-to-face interviews. Work with us to make this happen.

Recruiters are also ready to do more, through sharing:  Expertise – We can harness this plus our drive and contacts to ensure that key workers are placed into front-line roles quickly. Flexible and agile resourcing is more important than ever.

Without action, there’s a huge risk we will lose critical economic capacity to find work and grow careers. Recruiters need support, just like other vital sectors, so they can help South Africa recover.

By: Therese Otten  (Owner | Specialist Recruitment Consultant @ DataTech Recruitment)

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