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Being a recruiter ROCKS!!

I love being a recruiter! Seriously, I think it is the best profession in the world.

Scary thing is that 80% of people who enter this industry, fail in the first 2 years, leave, and are never seen again. Know what, it is true… being a recruiter is tough! But when your goal is to really HELP people (candidates, clients, anyone out there needing assistance) there is nothing more fulfilling.

I am driven to help people with whatever their needs and dreams are. I have always been drawn to helping people without realizing the impact it would have on my mindset and future as an entrepreneur.

When you contact us at DataTech you will not get “lost in translation”. YOU as an individual matters!

I believe as entrepreneur and business owner that you should hold fast to the following:

Persistence – I attributed my success to persistence… not brilliant planning, marketing, or luck.

When looking at the size of my agency, people are often surprised with the size of businesses we work with.

Want to know what the secret is, my secret is… Persistence!

Acquiring new clients and placing candidates do not happen by chance. They happen through a bold vision and the relentless pursuit of that vision.

I believe in myself! I believe in DataTech! Yes, I have dared to aim high, to go confidently after the things that I want from life.

I intensely care about people

I focus my gratitude on living in a country where people are rewarded for working harder and more efficiently. Hard work and challenges really do turn us into the people that we are meant to be. We would not grow and learn if we were not challenged. Though your work may be hard, work hard and keep going; you will be a greater person because of it.

To me one of the most powerful forces in the world is the will of someone who believes in themselves, who dares to aim high and to confidently pursue the things that they want from life.

I believe in every single person’s worth and dignity. 

No one is less important or dignified than anyone else… whether client, candidate or employee. They are the backbone of the companies they work for. They are the people who gets the job done.

People are inherently good, and worthy of trust and respect, in my opinion.

I have deep respect for every person that contributes to the success of my business

Without them, the business wouldn’t function smoothly, and we wouldn’t be able to make our greatest contribution. I make an effort to thank all our clients and candidates, in person or with a simple note.

I’m especially grateful for the freelancers  who daily ensure clients and candidates are contacted, ensuring that positions are filled…lives are changed for the better. To me it is important to understand my team’s needs, treating them well, and reinforcing our company mission and culture every day.

Recruitment is a never-ending process, not something that starts with a vacancy and ends with a hire. It is a process of changing lives. When it all boils down, what all the norm of the industry of us want from a great job is fun and money – as I said in a previous article. IF you are a great recruiter, which we pride ourselves on here at DataTech, you’ll get lots of both.

Is it possible to be a successful recruiter because you want to “help people” rather than being money motivated? It is not necessarily the norm of the industry. My vision for DataTech recruitment is that as a company we realize that what actually makes us successful is the human factor of what we do.

People trust us with their careers, the people they employ. We are sincere about you as person. Who would you trust?

  1. The recruiter who is someone that is disingenuous, who is pushy and focused on getting you a job or candidate for their own gain ( Commission /bonus)? or
  2. The recruiter that is the standout person? The one who was sincere about getting you in front of the right client(s), getting you as employer the right culture fit candidate? The recruiter who actually stayed in touch even when there was no news? The recruiter who saw you as a person?

Every person ultimately has their own preference for who they want to engage with. Let me just ask you… if you had a choice between 1 or 2… whom would you trust with your career, your company?

The fun of winning, the fun of placing candidates in the right role, the fun of working in a profession that actually counts. Working in a job where you get great return on your efforts.

DataTech is it!!

By: Therese Otten

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