New year’s resolutions or revolution?

We should have a longing for something deeper, more profound. Something that permeated one’s whole being but was still unreadable in the corridors written for your heart.

I realised one had to tread softly to get to that place, as not to have yourself pull back into your introverted self. There you will see yourself – done and drained by the work and duties and do’s and don’ts that you have loaded on your shoulders over the years until now.

You might recognise yourself – you of tomorrow – your Future Self.

Shriveled up, exhausted, bone-weary, kaput… through my own doing

I have treated this precious me, that lives in tomorrow, like a slave…

She was the one who would have to do the dishes tomorrow because I’d rather watch that movie tonight.

The one that will exercise tomorrow because I wanted to sleep a little later.

The one that will have to pay interest later as it was easier to swipe my credit card today.

The one that would have to go on a diet later as today I wanted to eat that calorie-loaded take away to just have some extra energy in order to keep on working.

The one that would have to apologize tomorrow, as I did not want to think now before I spoke.

I have basically, up to now, dragged myself around by my hair and treated myself like dirt. That had a huge negative influence and effect on my wellbeing.

So here are my resolutions for 2021: to act more considerately towards my Future Self.

Just that!

What does that entail?

It means that you will put down that glass today so that your Future Self does not need to go to rehab.

It means that you walk away today from toxic work environments and let go of ungrateful and lazy employees so that you can thrive where you are appreciated, and your business can grow with vibrant, grateful, energetic employees.

It means you get up and do some sort of exercise so that your Future Self can feel better from that.

It means you eat healthy so that your Future Self-do not have to deal with unnecessary health conditions.

It means you have to dream more today so that your Future Self can have a clearer direction of where you are headed and what you want to achieve when you get to a crossroad.

It means you will put in leave, take a break, spend “me time” so that your Future Self-do not suffer burnout.

That you will do the dishes so that your Future Self will have time tomorrow to sleep a little later 😎

That you are going to stand up for yourself today, against those who do not appreciate you, as your Future Self deserves to be at peace.

You are going to cut away people that does not cherish your Future Self.

So much attention is paid to the Inner Child – that wronged one of yesterday, that must go wounded through life because you, your parents, people and situations did not treat you fairly.

But what of the YOU of tomorrow?

From today on stand up for you of the future – your Future Self.

Because your Future Self also needs compassion, love, and most of all respect!

My 2021 New Year’s resolution – To be kinder to my Future Self

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