You might be wondering whether coaching is right for you. The truth is that coaching is right for anyone who is passionate about personal and/or professional growth and development. If you are willing to put in the work to cultivate the awareness necessary to transform obstacles into opportunities, then we will partner with you as coach. We can’t wait to meet each of you.

If your intuition is whispering that this could be a game-changer for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. The benefits of this commitment will far outlive the coaching sessions we spend together. We look forward to partnering with you.

Let’s get your CV and profile ready and up to date for applications. This is the perfect time to get coaching on various facets of your application process and get your questions answered by a professional. 

Challenges arise – you once again struggle with the following:

  • Updating your CV/cover letter/LinkedIn
  • You need to ace your interview
  • Lost in your job search
  • You want to get that raise or promotion
  • Changing careers
  • Stuck in your career

Coaching is an active and creative process between client and coach that is specifically tailored to:

  • Empower individuals to identify gaps between who they want to be and how they are currently showing up in their own lives.
  • Implement actionable steps to close those gaps.
  • Create a more authentic, passionate, and aligned life/career

In coaching there is no “one size fits all” method for every client, so based on your unique profile and specific needs, we coach you in that which will best benefit you.

Coaching includes:

  • Updating CV/cover letter/LinkedIn,
  • Interview prep,
  • Applying for roles,
  • Responding to telephone calls/emails from Hiring Manager and/or Recruiters,
  • And so much more…