Microsoft Engineer (Contract)

Pretoria – Gauteng – South Africa

An organization in Centurion is seeking Microsoft Engineers to be onsite for a maximum period of 8 weeks to assist with the assessment of the current M365 hybrid deployment of the Active Directory and MS Exchange environment.  You need to have an MCSE Certification and 5 years solid experience in Active Directory and MS Exchange.
  • Assessment of the current Microsoft 365 hybrid deployment of the Microsoft Active Directory,
  •      Microsoft Exchange environment:
      • Identify whether the environment was installed according to recommended best practices
      • Identify issues, including DNS, DHCP, LDAP and AD policies setup and configurations, and upgrade to latest version (Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange environment)
      • Issues identified above to be corrected during the upgrade
  • Assessment of current environment (health check) must include the following:
      • One Exchange Server 2010 configuration, services, and databases.
      • All seven Active Directory server’s functionality for the following services for example FSMO roles, replications, delegations, AD policies, DHCP, DNS and LDAP.
      • One Active Directory Connect Server functionality and services.
      • Determine if all M365 services and synchronization configurations are correctly configured according to Microsoft best practices.
  • Solution for upgrades and corrections must include the following:
      • Corrective actions on identified issues for the above-mentioned servers and services to be addressed and resolved before upgrading the environment.
      • Service provider must provide assessment reports to the client followed by the proposed solution/s in the form of an upgrade plan.
      • Upgrade to the latest Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange version.
      • The upgrade must take into consideration scheduling of the changes to minimize business impact – indicated in the project plan.
      • Change management procedures must be considered.
      • Testing of system functionality against best practices.
      • Remote support to be provided on the environment for a period of 3 months after the upgrade and post corrective upgrade actions completed.
      • Provide system layout and data flow report of the upgraded environment.
  • Relevant Microsoft Certifications (MCSE, M365) is required
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Microsoft Engineer
  • Solid experience with Active Directory, MS Exchange, M365
Available to start immediately