Mid Functional Tester

Stellenbosch – Western Cape – South Africa

Looking for a Mid Functional Tester for a 3-month Contract Hybrid in Stellenbosch. You will be responsible for developing test plans and designing and executing comprehensive test cases.  You must demonstrate a strong understanding of software testing principles and methodologies, and play a key role in regression testing and creating targeted test packs. Additionally, you will contribute to process improvements, mentor junior team members, and actively participate in implementing new tools and methodologies, ensuring continuous improvement and high-quality deliverables.
Type: 3-month Contract
Rate: R350 per hour
Area: Stellenbosch – Hybrid
In this role, you’ll be responsible for:
    • Understand Requirements: Analyses requirements documents independently. Clarifies ambiguities with stakeholders.
    • Test Planning: Develop comprehensive test plans with various testing methodologies.
    • Test Case Creation: Develops well-structured test cases.
    • Test Case Maintenance: Analyses test case effectiveness and proposes improvements. May identify repetitive test cases for automation
    • Regression Testing & Test Pack Creation: Analyses code changes and creates targeted regression test packs to ensure core functionalities remain intact.  Creates and executes regression test packs following procedures, focusing on critical areas.
    • Test Environment: Modifies configurations as needed to support specific testing requirements. Creates and maintains test data relevant to test scenarios.
    • Test Execution: Executes test cases efficiently, leveraging automation when possible. Analyses test results to identify trends and patterns.
    • Test Reporting: Analyses test results and calculates key metrics. Prepares reports for sprint completion, highlighting key findings and trends.
    • QA Team: Leads discussions and presentations during QA Team sessions.
    • Test Processes: Analyses testing processes and proposes data-driven improvements. Participate in implementing new tools or methodologies.
    • Automation: Develops and maintains automated test scripts using appropriate tools.
    • Documentation: Develops and maintains comprehensive test documentation
    • Leadership: Mentors junior team members and helps them develop their skills.
To be successful, you’ll need:
    • SQL/Postgres: Constructs complex SQL queries to join tables and filter data for testing.
    • Jira and Confluence: Creates and manages test cases and bugs in JIRA and Confluence. Utilizes Confluence for creating and maintaining test plans and reports.
    • Excel: Proficiency in Excel for more advanced data manipulation essential for generating data used in import tests
    • System configurations: Modifying and understanding system configurations to test specific scenarios. Familiarity with common markup and configuration formats like XML, JSON
    • Software testing principles: Possesses a thorough understanding of software testing principles. Analyses requirements and risks to select the most appropriate testing techniques. Effectively communicates testing concepts to team members.
    • Attention to detail: Meticulous in quality checks, ensuring thorough test coverage
    • Communication: Effective team communication
    • Adaptability: Adaptable to changing project needs, adjusting testing strategies
    • Learning Agility: Continuous learning mindset, staying updated with industry trends
    • Problem-solving: Analytical problem-solving, root cause analysis
    • Collaboration: Team collaboration, working across departments
    • Time Management: Efficient time allocation for testing activities
Leadership: Emerging leadership skills. Mentor junior and intern QA’s